Iron Pony

by Shurrikane



This track deals (fimfictionally) with Rainbow Dash (a character of the series "My Litte Pony") being the Iron Pony, a true hero of the "Equestrian Age".

This track has the price of 0$ because it has a choral appearance in the second chorus. And I know that a lot of people don't like a choir, and I don't feel like taking money for my bad one-man-choir, haha :).
My advise: buy the instrumental version and download the full version for free :)


Vir tutis
Si, si si tum so
Iron Pony

This is latin. I'm not quite sure if this is an adequate translation for: (it's a dead language anyways)

The hero
The protector
If not, then it is just him
Iron Pony


released June 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Shurrikane Aachen, Germany

FoxPack inc, Shurrikane, Marcel Czaplinski is a german film music composer, who creates a lot of widely fittable soundtracks.

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